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Zombie Catchers is an Action-Adventure game that comes with a unique concept; as its name suggests you will have to catch the zombies by hunting them down to create and make the business bigger of the smoothies (Zombie Juice). Zombies are raw material for it.

The game starts after the Zombie apocalypse on the planet where the whole of mankind is in danger but two intergalactic businessman ( A.J. and Bud) comes with a unique idea of empowering their business and save mankind. And the idea is that catch the zombie and make the smoothies (Zombie Juice) to feed to the hungry customers. Use your trusty harpoon gun and sneaky traps to hunt down and catch the zombies.

As you hunt down the zombies and level up in the game; you can unlock new guns, weapons, jetpack, and traps to catch more zombie ease. Once you caught the zombies; make the healthy and delicious juices, candies, and snacks to serve to your customers who come to your drive-through café.

Isn’t feel thrilling and exciting? Of course, it is. All the zombies are hiding themselves and you will have to bait to take them out. After upgrading your weapons and gadgets; you can dispatch the drones everywhere to find out the best zombie for your business. Find the zombies and make your business bigger as much as you can in this epic offline zombie game. As well as build your very own underground lab where you make delicious smoothies and juice.

Explore the different territories of the vast map to catch more zombies so that you can boost your food business. Complete the daily mission and enjoy its thrilling and fun experience. Download the “Zombie Catchers” right now.

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User Reviews
5.0 Anum Mian

Very good I feel really good to play it I feel like

5.0 Rachel Medina


1.0 Hitesh Jaiteley

I want to give zero stars waste game boring this game

5.0 Eswar Sharma

Nice game

5.0 Prataprao Lobo

Is good 10 out of 10 would recomend

APK Details
Name Zombie Catchers
Developer Deca Games
Package fi.twomenandadog.zombiecatchers
Version 1.30.24
Size 79.8MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Action
Licence Free
What's New

Bug Fixed and performance improved.

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