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World of Tanks
World of Tanks
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1 Amna Rana 2020-12-24

The decision to remove a number of historically important tanks from the researchable tech tree is a significant let down to players who enjoy playing them. Enough to make all of my friends and family decide to stop playing the game. WWI tanks were fun, I wish they could have their own separate game mode, or maybe standalone game. Balances make some tanks OP and unrealistic. I'm 50 wins from getting the snow globe and now the FB log in won't let me log into my own account!

2 Daniyal Dar 2020-12-06

this game is fun and addictive if you like it but this game has a lot of bugs that cannot be fix like HEAT and HE ricochet?? and the most i Don't like it is the tank is disappearing like a ghost hahahaha and appear again if your teammates spot is again so for my advice you should update it and the name of the tank will disappearing not the tank and if you hit it the health will appear ,that is so unfair if enemies hit you,you don't know where it came from also know the bugs in the game

3 Linda Russell 2020-11-10

It would be more better if the the machine gun on the tank would like shoot we need mg to able to shoot and ifin we need like a human soldier inside of a tank if a tank donse.t have crew its gonna be unrealistic

5 Samuel Jenkins 2020-11-03

Bruh I got disconnected from the server and now I can't go back.Edit:I looked on the Wotblitz reddit and found out that I'm not the only one experiencing this. According to them , the Asia server crashed.Edit again:They fixed it