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11.6MB Kích thước
4.2.5 Phiên bản

Đọc về các tính năng của iTel Mobile Dialer Express

iTel Mobile Dialer Express is a mobile app for Android and other smartphones, offering a range of functionalities like VoIP Calls & SMSs, cross-OS Instant Messaging and much more from data enabled mobile phones (3G/4G or WiFi).
For using this app, end users will need an Operator Code, which they can obtain from a VoIP Service Provider. While Service Providers can use this White Label Platform to offer Mobile VoIP services in their own brand.

★VoIP Calls & SMSs via Wifi, 3G / 4G, edge or UMTS.
★Cross-platform Instant Messaging – an Android user can chat with an iPhone user or a Windows OS user can chat with a BlackBerry user. Offer unlimited mobile chatting and increase stickiness to your brand.
★Easy Sign Up with Mobile Number as user ID & automatic Buddy List creation with facility to invite phonebook contacts to install the app.
★Facility to enable Mobile Top Up.

For Service Providers
iTel Mobile Dialer Express is available in all major OS Platforms and you can fully customize & brand it as per your requirements. For a free trial:
1. Visit www.revesoft.com
2. Register for a free Demo, with details of your softswitch(IP, Port) & we will send you a Demo Operator Code for testing the app on your own softswitch.

For End Users
You will be prompted for the following while starting the app:
1. Operator Code – Collect Operator Code from your VoIP service provider. If the Service Provider is using REVE platform, he will be able to provide a valid Operator Code.
2. Mobile Number – to be entered with country code.
3. Password – Received via SMS / IVR after entering your mobile number.
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5.0 Fahad Ansari

Good app

5.0 Sekar Yadav

md soman

1.0 Christopher Sims

Not working bad apps

1.0 Samina Naqvi


5.0 Nicholas Hernandez

Some time not good signal and right now call also not going

Chi tiết APK
Tên iTel Mobile Dialer Express
Nhà phát triển REVE SYSTEMS LTD.
Gói com.revesoft.itelmobiledialer.dialer
Phiên bản 4.2.5
Kích thước 11.6MB
Đòi hỏi Android 4.1+
thể loại Giao tiếp
Giấy phép Miễn phí
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1. MTU issue fixed

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