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Helping leading brands create meaningful connections at their events

Event & Speaker Info
Maps & Floor Plans
Networking with Other Attendees
Interact with Live Polling
Documents & Videos
Real-time Updates
Custom Branding
Attendee Profile
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Đánh giá của người dùng

5.0 Saira Naeem

Amazing app that really added to my experience at the event!

3.0 Sengupta

tassels with password

2.0 Sara Rizvi

Stupid app was sending me notifications relating to events that I had nothing to do with. Uninstalled it.

5.0 Charles Stewart

Amazing App

5.0 Sara Pirzada

fantastic app, interactive, easy to navigate, definitely recommend this app

Chi tiết APK

Tên Flock Events
Nhà phát triển Flock Platform
Gói com.flockplatformmobile.droid
Phiên bản 2
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Đòi hỏi Android 4.4+
thể loại Sự kiện
Đã cập nhật 2021-10-09
Thêm 2020-10-20
Giấy phép Miễn phí

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Thanks for using Flock! We regularly update our app to fix bugs, improve performance and add new features to ensure you have an awesome event experience.

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