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Domino pieces don't have to be rectangular!
Turn everything in your sight into domino pieces, and knock them over!

Small or big, the size doesn't matter!

There are many devices that can help you.
So don't worry and just knock them over!

-Know the right timing.
-are good at rhythm games.

You need to hurry when you play this game because all the maps suck blood.
Simply touch the item at the right timing when the domino pieces are knocked over.
Just hold down the connected areas.
When the Dash Mode is on, touch the Dash button to dash forward!
Devices will appear, and touch this button whenever they collide for a bonus dash.
There are various characters at the shop that can make your game play easier!
It's because they have the skills.

DomiDomi is great for improving your dynamic visual acuity!

DomiDomi has the User Map mode.
Just put the domino pieces you want up on the bulletin board, and we will make them for you!

Okay! Let's get started if you are ready!
Play a round before the day is over!

#DomiDomi is not a fish name. #It's a new fun game.
#DomiDomi Domino is really fun. #You need to download this game instead of just watching other people play.
#The goal is to achieve 50 million downloads worldwide.
#fps If you want to be good at the game, improve your dynamic visual acuity by rolling your eyes and playing DomiDomi.
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3.0 Eric Turner

nice game . my son like it

4.0 Ranbir Sen


Chi tiết APK
Tên DomiDomi-World of Domino
Nhà phát triển MeconGame
Gói mecon.games.domidomi
Phiên bản 1.1.13
Kích thước 75.2MB
Đòi hỏi Android 4.1+
thể loại Hoạt động
Giấy phép Miễn phí
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fix for stablility of game play

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