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2.5MB Kích thước
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Browser Mini Turbo for Android is a fast browser designed for phones and tablets that is very simple and easy to use for various online activities.
This browser has a mini package size, but has many features that you will get, including:

- Unlimited Tabs
- Ad blocker on the website
- Incognito Mode for Privacy and Security
- History
- Bookmark the Sites You Like
- Download Manager
- Read Mode
- Theme options
- Share links easily
- Choice of Search Engines
- and much more
Browser Mini Turbo preview 1
Browser Mini Turbo preview 2
Browser Mini Turbo preview 3
Browser Mini Turbo preview 4
Đánh giá của người dùng
5.0 Asim Siddiqui

good very very

3.0 Vipin Vyas

It's good and help good But some wrong also

5.0 Archie Collins

Best for seeing porn...

Nhận xét
Chi tiết APK
Tên Browser Mini Turbo
Nhà phát triển Nadia Dev
Gói app.uci.turbo
Phiên bản 0.9
Kích thước 2.5MB
Đòi hỏi 4.0 and up
thể loại Giao tiếp
Giấy phép Miễn phí
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