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Pixelated Trump is BACK! After a two month golf vacation in Mar-a-Lago and he is ready to take on sleepy Joe Biden. A original Indie Trump game not a clone of other popular games! Help President Donald Trump gain donations by using his hat gun to change angry protesters in to trump supporters, beat other politicians like Ted Cruz, Hillary Clintion, AOC, Barack Obama, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Andrew Yang, Joe Biden and many other surprise appearances. It's a throwback style old school platformer. Can Trump stop impeachment and Adam Schiff?

Made by one Solo American developer, help him rise to the top of all the Trump games, thank you. Help me, help you, continue to make new content.
New content for 2020, new costumes, level system and much much more!
fully supported with new content all the time.

*Find out who is behind a new ghost level.
*Run from Adam Schiff in Trump Tower!
*See what Fred Trump left his son!
*Convert Angry liberals in to Trump Supports and Stop Ted Cruz!
*Drive in a Trump limo, pick up Melania and drive to the inauguration!
*Face Hillary Clinton in a political showdown! See if you can lock up Hillary!
*Build the wall!
*New Trump leveling
*New outfits for 2020 play as Sleepy Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders when you unlock them.
*Unlock Plumber Trump!

A Brand new Trump game! Get President Donald Trump Ready for the elections in 2020!

Trump can use a multitude of silly weapons to take on his political enemies. Donald Trump uses a hat gun, towel gun and so many other funny weapons. Can Donald Trump rise up from not so humble beginnings to become President Donald Trump?

Enjoy this Trump platform game with funny political rhetoric dialogue!
Trump, KEEPING IT GREAT? Game preview 1
Trump, KEEPING IT GREAT? Game preview 2
Trump, KEEPING IT GREAT? Game preview 3

User Reviews

5.0 Raja Rangarajan

Fun game, kind of like Super Mario Bros., only with Trump. Love all the goofy weapons.

5.0 OwenLeo Taylor

This game is really fun and it's free!! You gotta try it!

5.0 Larry Ramirez

Funny game. Must play!

5.0 Benjamin Thomson

Be Trump to make America great. This is a clever tongue-in-cheek commentary on politics today. Only you can save Trump from the liberal elite. And only Trump can save the country. Watch out those enemies of Truump they want to stop Trump's rise. The game is like Mario Brothers but only Trump can drain the swamp. Making Trump America great for Trump and the rest of us. Addictive Trump gameplay and easy Trump control this game has it Trump all.

5.0 Shekhar Chatterjee

I love it I am in India but very good game

APK Details

Name Trump, KEEPING IT GREAT? Game
Developer McCayMobileGames
Package com.McCayMobileGames.TrumpTheRise
Version 1.57
Size 74.2 MB
Requires Android 4.4+
Category Action
Added 2021-04-11
Licence Free

What's New

New Ammo and damage Popups!
See who is behind a new ghost level!
Play as Sleepy Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders when you unlock them.
New Helicopter level! Look out for John Bolton and his awesome mustache!
New level Selector! Play as Everyone's favorite plumber!

New level up system to give you the edge against your political opponents! Gain experience for beating enemies.
New level in trump tower with Adam Schiff, new cut scenes, en-US

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