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Soul Hunters is the most epic strategic and Role-Playing Game that gives you a unique experience than any other game of its genres. The storyline of the game is simple but interesting, you will have to create a party of many different sorts of heroes to get victory in the battle. All the heroes come with their unique abilities, skills, and weakness.

With more than 80 million users worldwide, it's a popular game that provides mystery, action, strategy, and role-playing experience with spectacular graphics and great audiovisuals. You can choose from 50 heroes including Stone Colossus, Ice Dragon, Sun Goddess, Wolf Child, etc. to create a party.

As you know every hero has his very own unique strength, skills, and weakness so you will have to create a perfect balanced hero’s party to devastate the foes and evil Lords. Plus, you will have to master every hero's powers and skills to protect your allies.

In the PVP mode, you can challenge other players for battle and prove yourself a master of this Arena game by winning the match. Explore the mysterious land with your recruited heroes and always be ready for challenge and battle. You can join raids to earn rewards. Plus, you can create or join Guild and fight against other Guild in weekly Guild Wars.

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User Reviews

5.0 Jamie Taylor


1.0 Deborah Chen

I have played since the game came out. Lilith is horrible. If you ask for a refund because they sold a bugged character and never fixed it, they will threaten to ban you. Don't download any game from lilith. Google play should ban them for fraud.

1.0 Alice Howard

Been a fan since the release of Adeline (2017-ish) and spend over 200 dollars on to this game. Overall, it is not worth it. How are player stay so competitive on a game where a hero can literally one hit a whole team with it's ultimate? I don't know but the answer is pretty obvious since the top players on the servers are all VIP. The game is a no brain and it's laughable how the devs don't seem to notice the issue but somehow it's the player "fault" for not coming up a strategy? Truly a circus.

1.0 Pranav Khan

Gotta donate to stand a chance with the top, otherwise you're wasting your time. Been playing this game for years and now with the new update and releases, all of my free chars are obselete and cannot clear stages that used to be cleared with strategy, I get "one-shot" from barely even making it into the stage by the new OP chars.

4.0 Ellis Knight

its a good fame i remember playing it all day but i unimstalled it a year ago and now that i want to play it again all my data has been deleted guess i have to start playing from 0

APK Details

Name Soul Hunters
Developer LilithGames
Package us.kick9.k3000000013.c3101000001
Version 2.4.157
Size 490.4 MB
Requires Android 4.0.3+
Category Role Playing
Added 2021-03-30
Licence Free

What's New

Bug fixes and performance improvements

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