Craft Warriors

Craft Warriors


Translimit, Inc

5 beoordeling
88M Grootte
4.4.0 Versie

Lees over de functies van Craft Warriors

Een nieuwe generatie 3D real-time strategiespel!

Maak je eigen originele personages, vorm je feest en vecht tegen spelers over de hele wereld!

▼ Hoe te spelen
< br>◆ Bouw je stad
Herstel en upgrade faciliteiten om je stad te bouwen herstel de oude stad "Skyland" in zijn oude glorie.

◆ Vorm je feest
Upgrade en rust talloze wapens uit!
Maak gebruik van verschillende vaardigheden en capaciteiten voor elk wapen.

◆ Val de steden van de tegenstander aan
Val de steden van de tegenstander aan en gebruik hun middelen om je stad te bouwen.

◆ Creëer een clan
Maak bondgenoten door lid te worden van of een clan te creëren en vecht met andere clangenoten!

◆ Creëer je originele personage
Maak je originele personage en deel het op sociale media!
Verbaas je tegenstanders met je creativiteit!
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gebruiker reviews
5.0 Carol Ray

It's good, but it gets boring after you spend a lot of time on it. Especially having to wait for things to build. It'd be very nice if there was another mechanic, like customizing a certain building in the game, Or your ship. And one more idea, maybe having your warriors have different walk styles. And maybe even edit the walk style and animation. But yeah, this game is great

5.0 Adeel Lone

Please add epic units to fight, the first one is the gold knight and he can beat 5 of paladins and beat 2 assassin's and it costs 500 gem's and the next unit is also 500 too it's called the armored horse man he throws an arrow that can do a lot of damage and when he gets close the the enemy he use his big sword

5.0 Bishamber Sen


3.0 Marie Myers

Very terrible lag! I'm so very annoyed that the game keeps on lagging everytime, which had consumed most of my time, and the worst part that when it does it crashes. The friggin lag prevents me smooth gameplay, and do you even have settings to adjust the raphics? Like no, all i see just graphic settings for shadows only. What's more, the lag makes it more annoying if you're attacking. PLEASE fix the damn lag. Really love this game, man, but the lag always ruin my fun. And had trouble signing in

4.0 Shridhar Jayaraman

Great game but can you improve the medic's pathfinding they are bumbling idiots

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Naam Craft Warriors
Ontwikkelaar Translimit, Inc
Versie 4.4.0
Grootte 88M
Vereist 4.4 and up
Categorie Simulatie
Licentie Vrij
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