Battle Stick Warrios: Tournament Legend

Battle Stick Warrios: Tournament Legend

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5.5 Versie

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Addictive game z fighting, Battle Stickman: Tournament Legend trained on their ability to destroy enemies with lightning attacks and powerful SSJ stick attacking z.
Role-playing you will transform into a super stick warrior character to fight the enemies.
Our attack methods are user-friendly, designed. The place where you keep launching tactics to defeat the enemy.

【How to play battle stickman】
Battle stick dragon: Tournament Legend Tour has the most basic control ever! You just need to attack combos, ki powerup, dash, become extremely instinctive and destroy legend dragon enemies with your epic skills.
Use super stick destructive power to fight against enemies.

【Features of battle stick dragon game】
- Over 57 characters, about 80 with different skills,with many different stick levels.
- Many super stick and strong enemies, diverse epic z skills, spectacular.
- Diverse quest system and rewards
- Upgrade to a strong super stickman: You start as an ordinary person but you can upgrade to super dragon (2,3,4).
- Challenging mission and achievement system
- Great graphics, very simple controls.
- Many pack sale dragon warrior with gift great deals
- Fight every day to become stronger.

【3 Game Modes 】
-Story mode: according to the plot, a total of 5 chapters with 80 milestones for you to overcome.
-Tower mode: Tower has 37 floors to turn you into dragon warriors to show their ability to fight.
-Endless: Where you use all of your ability to play the role of dragon warriors to fight with constant battles.

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gebruiker reviews
1.0 Radhanath Kapur

I do not like this game because super Saiyan hair should be yellow not blue especially if it's super Saiyan 3

5.0 Dennis Chavez

Very good game and very nice i like this game

5.0 Teresa Lee

Please give me some maney

5.0 Maria Hill

نواف رةاب

3.0 Logan Jones

I would suggest add more combos,Like actually different combos in a chacater,I would also suggest,Please and I mean PLEASE Make better punches in general.

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Naam Battle Stick Warrios: Tournament Legend
Ontwikkelaar WolfFight
Pakket com.stick.battle.dragonlegend.zfight
Versie 5.5
Grootte 74.5MB
Vereist Android 4.1+
Categorie Action
Licentie Vrij
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