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5 Janice Martin 2020-12-31

Thanks to have Netflix native application compatible with Xiomi Mi Laser Projector 150"! My plan support 4K streaming and i have it on myTV. Unfortunately it is not yet supported by this application. Any plans to be able stream 4K video quality within this app in future?

1 Hasan Butt 2020-12-28

La única razón por la que me emocionaba entrar a Netflix era por Friends y ahora la quitan como si nada, ya no me interesa su aplicación si siguen sacando las buenas series y películas y solo agregan las cosas horribles que crean.

3 Samina Naqvi 2020-12-25

I keep getting the error 100 code, about ready to cancel my Netflix subscription, extremely unhappy. Why pay for something that you can't watch, and they are more than happy to take your money every month.

1 Gnanasekaran Jaiteley 2020-12-18

This keeps freezing on my Sony X950G Android TV. The video will freeze for a second but the Audio keeps going... Please fix

4 Jean Mitchell 2020-12-17

I love this app from past two years but nowadays there are so many bugs that next episode videos got struck sometimes so i gave it 4 stars please improve it

5 Margaret Romero 2020-12-16


1 Brenda Herrera 2020-12-11

Netflix deleted my old account, and wants me to PAY Subscription in a newly created account, to avail the FREE streaming promotion on Dec 5 & 6 !

5 Faryal Kayani 2020-12-09


5 Salma Rizvi 2020-12-04

I mrs. Montero have to say this is the best app ya cld ever got love it

5 James Wallace 2020-12-01

This app is bad I will not say as it is the best

1 Sudhir Mehra 2020-11-28

SEL103DL ANDROID tv box netfilx app optimizing

1 Amrik Malhotra 2020-11-24

50" philips TV, and this app is CONSTANTLY throwing error -100... Netflix says there's a problem with my device, however, every single other streaming app works.. just not netflix... I really wish you guys would get your stuff together. If this keeps happening, i'm simply going to cancel my subscription, and disable the app. No sense in paying for a service that never works, simply because netflix wants to shift the blame.

1 John Howell 2020-11-19

it does not supports thomson android TV

1 Nabeel Rana 2020-10-31

Does not work on my Formuler GTV

3 Hitesh Tomar 2020-10-28

Nice app but as with prime video neither plays sound from launch, have to reboot TV every time to get audio to work. Other than that app performs well but the issue needs fixing as it is very annoying.

5 Anil Rathore 2020-10-18

I would like if the app was compatible with my Humax Aura Android TV box

2 Nibaran Sen 2020-10-16

My Phillips TV won't even load the Netflix anymore. This is being a constant problem and I want it fixed before I cancel my subscription from Netflix for good. I've run all the diagnostics already, my internet has no issues connecting to any other device, every other device I run Netflix on runs perfectly. My tv is connected to the internet and is working good, it's a brand new tv so it shouldn't be the issue.

2 Kalimuthu Jain 2020-10-11

I am rating the app, not the service. I quite like the Netflix service, but the app for the Shield TV is missing a feature which really annoys me. It will not automatically adjust the Shields Refresh Rate to match the content being played. In addition, if the Shield is in a refresh rate that doesn't currently support HDR I have to manually change refresh rate settings and relaunch Netflix before it will show HDR content. I'm currently permanently running my shield at a lower refresh rate just for the convenience, but even that's not perfect inside Netflix and it certainly makes the whole device interface less snappy.