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Learn Korean, Learn Japanese, Chinese - LingoDeer
Learn Korean, Learn Japanese, Chinese - LingoDeer
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4 William Hunt 2020-12-03

I enjoy this app much more than Duolingo. This is not an offense to Duolingo, because they're great with romance languages, but Lingo deer is improving and has a better way of learning a language like vietnamese and Japanese than Duolingo, or even other applications. One small nitpick, even if I know Spanish and I do pass the quizzes, it still requires me to do the classes. I only hope that lingo deer can improve for the better

5 Christian Sullivan 2020-11-30

Wow amazing app

5 Saima Qureshi 2020-11-23

Best app for language. I am learning korean and the pronunciations are perfect unlike other apps. #NO ADs#.

5 George Weber 2020-11-20

Amazing, i love it

5 Rajinder Malik 2020-11-20

It very easy to learn korean through this app. I love this app

3 Pramod Sarin 2020-11-19

Good but i need malay so pls add malay

1 Haris Zaidi 2020-11-13

I thought Lingodeer was this amazing app after my fist lesson but then the next day it turns out you have to pay to continue the lessons i am so disappointed! I have been trying to find a app that is helpful and FREE to learn korean!