YouTube for Android TV

YouTube for Android TV


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2.19.003 버전

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뮤직 비디오 재생 목록에서 좋아하는 코미디 채널에 이르기까지 집안의 가장 큰 화면에서 YouTube를 즐겨보세요. 음성 검색을 사용하면 시청할 항목을 쉽게 찾을 수 있습니다.
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2.0 Hasan Ansari

Does not support 5.1 sound, only stereo.

1.0 Junaid Sulemani

Since 8.12.20 YT Videos only in 720p in an UHD TV (1 year old) This happens with all video with 60FPS. What the hell is google doing? Everything was fine and at the end of 2020 google want 720p max on an 4K UHD Android.TV? Hey google, do you want to sell more Chromecast sticks, or what is the reason?

2.0 Billy Hart

Generally, if it works at the very moment, the YouTube App is quite OK to use. The UX of the YouTube app is a bit messy on my TV. The worst part is the un-stability: OFTEN (A FEW TIMES A DAY) I CAN SEARCH, BROWSE THE VIDEOS BUT WHEN IT COMES TO PLAYING THE SELECTED VIDEO (ALL OF THEM IF I CAN CONSIDER THAT) THEN IT JUST SAYS UNEXPECTED ERROR (IN MY LANGUAGE). The only way how to get out of this is the RESTART OF THE ENTIRE ANDROID (TV). The Force-Stop of just the YouTube App does not help!

1.0 Abhishek Pillai

Every time settings is selected app crashes.

1.0 Eswar Pawar

I pay for YouTube Premium, but using this App I still get 1-2 Ads on every youtube video. The Web and Android (phone) YouTube Apps do not have this problem.

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이름 YouTube for Android TV
개발자 Google LLC
버전 2.19.003
크기 20.7MB
필요 Android 5.0+
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• Android TV 홈 화면에 세 개의 새로운(이동식) YouTube 콘텐츠 행 추가: 무료 영화(미국만 해당), COVID News 및 #StayHome #WithMe 재생 목록
• 일부에서 미디어 재생 문제 수정 인스턴스
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