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Gurbani is the Light to illuminate this world; by His Grace, it comes to abide within the mind. ||1||

Attention: Please use "Gurmukhi Keyboard" along with this application for typing-in the queries in Gurmukhi.

Searches Gurbani from SGGS, Vaaran and Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji. It also supports search from Dasam Granth. Recently added support for searching gurmukhi shabad from "Shabad Kosh". It supports fuzzy search and is tolerant to spelling mistakes.

One can add the shabad search results in favorites and can tag them. Organize the favorites, export them for future reference and import them as required. Choose different fonts from the provided list. Can opt to display gurbani in Hindi and enable/disable the english translation and many more.

The application also provides "Live Kirtan" from a variety of online content (channel) provider. This feature needs internet connectivity. One can listen to divine kirtans at the convenience of hand-held device any where, any time.

The application also provides Sikh Jantri (both original nanakshai and the one published by SGPC). The reminders for important events are poped as notification. One can modify the event definition or create his/her own events as desired.

Please use Gurmukhi Keyboard to work with application. The keyboard will automatically toggle to Gurmukhi mode.
Important: Please use second Query option i.e. Append Trailing wildcard(*) if you face performance issues and append a wildcard at the beginning if search string is in the middle.

Following features are supported
- Gurbani Search on SGGS, Vaaran, Kabit Savaiye, Bhai Gurdas Ji, Dasam Granth.
- Sunder Gutka, Nitnem, Granth, jaapji shaib, Jap shaib, anand shaib. Rehras Shaib
- Jantri or Sikh Calendar
- Live Kirtan Radio
- Shabad Kosh, Mahan Kosh, Gurbani Kosh.

-Surinder Pal Singh
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5.0 Rhys Saunders

Updated version is not good difficult to go to ang in shri sehaj path but now in new update it isgood ❤️

5.0 Farrukh Butt

Good amazimg

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