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Android TV Core Services is a support package for Android TV devices.
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Recensioni degli utenti
1.0 Layla Clark

Garbage, dont update, it puts a sh_tload of ads on your device.

5.0 Yasir Shah

Updating this app did not cause any ads to appear on the home screen of my Sony TV. Ads placed on my home screen were instead controlled by the Android TV Home app as part of the "Cinematic Highlights" update. If, like me, you were appalled by this, I recommend you uninstall the Android TV Home app, disable auto-updates, and write an appropriate review on the Android TV Home app page. I hope that by not having the latest update for the Android TV Home app, my experience has not actually been different to what others have described, but otherwise, performance updates will always welcomed. I honestly considered the Android TV OS a great experience before ads were pushed on loyal consumers. You can still do the right thing, Google.

APK Dettagli
Nome Android TV Core Services
sviluppatore Google LLC
Pacchetto com.google.android.tvrecommendations
Versione 3.4.1-408797323-f
Dimensione NAN
Richiede 8.0 and up
Categoria Utensili
Licenza gratuito
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This release contains performance improvements and bug fixes.

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