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Set up and reinforce your base, subdue power of gods to yourself and fight against the army of the dead side by side with your friends. Restore the former greatness of the vikings' lands by building a new capital from the ground up and set off to unknown shores for treasures and new victories - all this and more is waiting for you in the new online RPG Frostborn!

The world as we knew it is gone
Long ago beautiful forests and hills of Midgard were invaded with the dead and giants. Since then, river waters burn a throat, all aesirs have vanished, and valkyries no longer take slain warriors to Valhalla. This is all because of the goddess Hel, the mistress of the dead that is determined to gain power over all that exists.

Death is no longer an obstacle
You are an immortal, brave warrior, fearless of death itself. When dying in battle, you revive over and over again. Herbalists and shamans shrug their shoulders wondering why it happens, yet one thing is known for sure: only you are able to wreck plans of the goddess of death and reveal the mystery of aesirs' vanishing.

One cannot conquer alone
Four heads are better than one! Unite with other Immortals to build a solid base more quickly and confront all together with the dead, outraging in sanctums of aesirs in the lands of Midgard.

Everyone will have something to do
Choose one of a dozen and a half classes that suits your gaming style the best: crush with a hammer in melee combat, hide in shadows and attack stealthily, rout your enemies, rule forces of fire and ice, keep a distance and strike enemies with shots from a bow or heal and enhance your allies - the list is endless! And if you want to try yourself in a new role, all you need is a few seconds for preparation and a new equipment kit!

All is fair
Trade with other families and clans to build the most beneficial long-term relationships or set up ambushes in forests, mountains, and tombs, and rob settlements of vulnerable settlements of Immortals - the choice is yours. In the harsh lands of Midgard, sirvives only the strongest.

Architect of your own fortunes
Plenty of workbenches for crafting items and dozens of blueprints will allow you to craft anything you need for glorious victories - from a roof over your head and a bandage for a wound to powerful potions and a fearsome weapon. And if it's not enough - remember who you are, nordling, and build your own drakkar to try yourseld at sea!

Establish your inheritance
Build your own city - raise strong walls, don't forget to provide space for craftsmen and traders, set up resorts and places of amusement. Become the most powerful ruler in the lands of Midgard that will be reckoned by everyone!

Legendary artifacts
If you believe you are ready for anything - challenge fate itself and get down to abandoned sanctums of gods to defeat the strongest enemies and try to obtain rare loot! But be careful, danger lurks everywhere in dungeons, so only the worthiest warriors will manage to reach the end and find out what happened to Odin, Tor, and the other gods!
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User Reviews
5.0 Lubna Syed


1.0 Adeel Tiwana

Keeps saying unable to connect to server, I tried multiple times and multiple servers. This is my first time trying to play and I can't play. I been trying for 2 days. I tried north America, beta America, and international America. Doesn't connect me. Galaxy note 10

4.0 Grace Warren

So far so good

3.0 Junaid Mirza

Its a very good gamr but u shoulf adjust the game when its lag its teleport any where even my connection is very high its still lags and i hope in the next up date u should increase the exp gain in resources gather and from killing monster and i hope when u die in game the durability of the iten doesn't go down and please increase the durability of one item and add more stack not like 20 is the limit the would be fun please do that i paid a lot of money for this almost 3k

4.0 Mehar Dasgupta

This game is awsome however it could use a better friends list option so you can know when people sign on and off. Example i was going to go farm with a family member but i never knew he logged off so i ended up getting ambushed by other people thinking i had backup comming.. -_- sucks but oh well part of the game.

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APK Details
Name Frostborn: Coop Survival
Developer Kefir!
Package valhalla.survival.craft.z
Size 347.6MB
Requires Android 4.1+
Category Adventure
Licence Free
What's New

- Tasks will now be completed corrrectly now in the tomb of the Secret Grove
- Tooltips work correctly in the Blueprints window now
- Fixed bug with items splitting
- Crafting an item won't be interrupted by auto-farming mode
- Resolved some client-server issues
- Various visual fixes
- Improved general sound picture of the game

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