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Facebook Pages Manager
Facebook Pages Manager
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Opiniones de los usuarios
1 Palanivel Vyas 2020-12-21


1 Emily Murphy 2020-12-19

Old version is much better than this version

1 Raza Syed 2020-11-28

Glitchy as hell, closes and crashes when you try and share pictures onto it

5 Asif Qazi 2020-11-26

This update makes me lose interest in the app. The old version looks real and attractive.

5 Biju Dutta 2020-11-23

Awesome Apps

1 Umesh Saxena 2020-11-18

You can't create a new album nor find the album you need.

1 Helen McDonald 2020-11-16

Terrible app. Recent messages never show up in the inbox.

5 Maira Lone 2020-10-31


1 Rose Myers 2020-10-25

Worst update ever. Bring back pages manager. Really tired of Facebook constantly "improving" apps just to make it much worse.

1 Brenda Hughes 2020-10-15

having problems on Android with conversations not updating immediately. Extremely frustrating trying to run a business when I use my phone for 90% of my work. I keep having to get on my computer for messages to update. Please fix asap! :(