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5 William Henry 2020-12-29

this girl is really really good take her out this is perfect discord I never seen before in my Thai life he give me to change play among us and talk my friend thank you thank you disco thank you!

5 Anna Phillips 2020-12-23

The best app for gamers

5 Timothy Hamilton 2020-12-18

Amazing and wonderful app to talk to friends

5 Harish Jindal 2020-12-17

Not bad i like it really good

5 Jeremy Black 2020-12-14

Great and convenient features; everything we needed for gaming groups

5 Ethan Soto 2020-12-10


4 Haris Paracha 2020-11-30

This app is the best app

4 Walter Davis 2020-11-29

A very good app

1 Ramesh Yadav 2020-11-27


5 Nirav Yadav 2020-11-19

I Really Like This App

5 Rakesh Sen 2020-11-18

Very good app

5 Kathryn Bradley 2020-11-15

Its a nice app

5 Joglekar Rangarajan 2020-11-13

This is the best for free fire

5 Adesh Rangarajan 2020-11-07


5 Steven Morgan 2020-11-05

I really like discord