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Last Day on Earth: Survival
Last Day on Earth: Survival
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1 Fareed Bhatti 2020-12-11

Bad over 100 zombies was at a supply drop

5 Ajit Mittal 2020-12-05

Hello, Kefir! I love this game, I don't have any issues, just some update ideas. 1st, I was thinking about like maybe a desert eagle? That can be crafted, gotten from a blueprint, or can be found. Or maybe a dual wield attachment that allows you to use to glocks at the same time! Or maybe a machine gun update. Anyway, I love ldoe and it's very fun.

5 Shivani Gavde 2020-12-03

I love this games because it is an awesome experience to survive zombies

5 Phillip Chen 2020-12-01

Best game I have ever played besides war robots but cool game

5 Farooq Rana 2020-11-25

Update this pls

5 Sanvi Patel 2020-11-25

Dude it's the best game my classmate is right it's the best

4 Joshua Reid 2020-11-25

Nahh there's too much "LOADING"..but its ok..if you can make that loading gone i will give 5 star.. absolutely

5 Kyle Walters 2020-11-21

Nyc app

5 Karthik Pillai 2020-11-19

5 stars (;

5 Mansukh Sharma 2020-11-17

Awesomely addicting... be warned.

5 Carol Lawrence 2020-11-14


5 Trivedi 2020-11-05


5 Irum Kazmi 2020-11-03

A realy nice game :)