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Stepan Sonsky

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The Czech voice assistant Antelli will make it easier for you to search for information on a daily basis, from news, weather, sports results, to TV programs, movie information, multi-cinema programs, cooking recipes, to currency charms, commodity prices and much more. Antelli is a kind of Czech Siri for Android. It is linked to the open encyclopedia Wikipedia, thanks to which it has a huge amount of knowledge. Before using it, don't forget to read the help, where you will learn how to control Antelli perfectly and use its full potential.

IMPORTANT: In order for Antelli to work and talk properly, you need to have the Google application installed ( com/store/apps/details? Text-to-speech module is required for Antelli to speak (

Keep from your phone or tablet to read aloud:

News (from home, from the world, from sports, from the economy and many others)
Weather forecast for more than 50cities of the Czech Republic
TV program for dozens of channels
Sports results (football, hockey)
Information about films and series
Multicinema program (including trailers)
Cooking recipes
Information about "
Nearest restaurant, tire service, guest house, etc.
View map, start navigation
Transfers of more than 50 currencies according to the current exchange rate
Prices of products, electronics, etc.
Prices of commodities (gold, silver, oil, electricity and many more)
Search images on Google
Search videos on YouTube
Launch applications
Dial calls from contacts
Fairy tales - dozens of professionally dubbed fairy tales
Simple mathematical examples
More in help...

You can also define your own voice commands, e.g. for dialing a phone number, starting an application, opening a website or for navigation to a specific location.

Download Antelli for free and use the full potential of your smartphone.
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User Reviews
4.0 Rajinder Venkatesan

I když pomalu začíná zaostávat, částečně díky explozi asistentů od rúzných tvůrců (Microsoft, Google, Amazon, dokonce i Soundhound...), je stále dostatečně použitelný, a narozdíl od většiny asistentů podporuje český jazyk (Mám pocit že ani Google, který má hlasový engine podporující češtinu, ho nepoužívá v DialogFlow a Google Assistant)

1.0 Yash Balasubramanium

Nauč to mluvit jako člověk. Prozatím zůstanu u Cortany

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Name Antelli Classic
Developer Stepan Sonsky
Package cz.shawn.antelli
Version 2.6.2
Size 13.5MB
Requires 4.1 and up
Category Communication
Licence Free
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Fixed service issuesáním
Corrected currency rates

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